PRESS RELEASE (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its thanks and appreciation )

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its thanks and appreciation to all the brothers and friends of Sudan who expressed their solidarity, support and concern towards Sudan as it takes its first steps for a peaceful transition of power and democratic transformation that realize the hopes and aspirations of the Sudanese people and their rising forces.
   The step taken by the Sudanese Armed Forces, supported by the rest of the regular forces at the dawn of Thursday, April 11, was a lining up with the revolution of the Sudanese people for reaching freedom, justice and peace. The step came after explicit calls of the masses of people on the Armed Forces to intervene to end the political stalemate and the security and social crisis, which were experienced by the country during the last period and threatened with decline of the country into an abyss of fighting and instability.
  The Transitional Military Council has affirmed the full commitment to establish a just civil government and to hand over power to a civilian government formed by the people within a maximum period of two years, indicating that the role of the Transitional Military Council during this period would be limited to emphasizing the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, keeping security and maintaining peace,  promoting a spirit of equality and tolerance , providing appropriate political climate for all components of society to build and form political parties and civil society organizations that will lead to the peaceful transfer of power, as well as fostering dialogue among all the civil society spectrum.
  The Transitional Military Council will represent the sovereignty of the state, besides formation of a civilian government that will be agreed upon by all, and the Chairman of the Transitional Military Council has stressed the firm commitment to enhance and promote human rights in accordance with international conventions and agreements ratified by the Sudan.
The Ministry, accordingly, reiterates Sudan’s commitment to all the local, regional and international treaties, charters and agreements, and to maintain good neighborly relations and balanced international relations taking into account Sudan’s supreme interests and the non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.
The ministry refers also to the renewing of the declaration of a comprehensive cease-fire throughout the country and the call on all the gun holders to sit down and engage in dialogue to reach peace and peaceful coexistence based on new principles and standards.
In light of that, the Foreign Ministry looks forward to the understanding and support of the international community for the sincere efforts of the Transitional Military Council and the Sudanese political and civil forces to achieve the wishes of the Sudanese people for a complete democratic transformation, building the state of institutions and achieving balanced and just development.
The Foreign Ministry expresses its thanks and appreciation to the brothers and friends who have extended help to Sudan in response to the current economic crisis,
and looks forward to effective economic cooperation from the international community that will allow Sudan to utilize its natural and economic resources and to be a pillar of food security regionally and internationally, and to contribute to the economic and social development in the African continent, and this also requires the implementation of the international commitment towards Sudan as a country emerging from conflict by exempting its debts and removing the obstacles that prevent it from receiving aid and funding from international institutions.

Khartoum, April 14th 2019